Photo:  Johnny Marlow

Photo: Johnny Marlow

Olivia has been smashing stereotypes her whole life. Growing up in Canada, she raced snowmobiles and jet-skis, developing the quick reflexes of a performance stunt driver, years before she went pro.

Early on in her career, Olivia trained with prominent theatre and dance groups. This led her to Los Angeles, where she quickly landed a string of roles in feature films and TV shows, including the beloved pop culture classic, Bridesmaids.

With over 100 high-profile automotive commercials to her name, Olivia is also the only female Performance/Stunt Driver in Los Angeles with a Class B (Large Trucks & Buses) license.

These days, she charts her own course as an independent driver, collaborating with—but not beholden to—any driving team, to accommodate the high-profile agencies, clients and production companies that enlist her services.

Olivia Summers is high-octane talent, fueled by focused, powerful skill—with a wicked sense of humor that stands up to any challenge.